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I would highly recommend this workshop for any woman who wants to connect deeper with her soul.


This helped me so much to find my inner self. Thank you!!


I felt so calm by the end of Soul Therapy Introduction. NO thoughts which is very unusual for me!! Thank you SO much Milla! Your compassion and wisdom is out of this world :)

Carina Sjölin

Milla är varm och grundad. Bär, skannar av och agerar när det behövs.

Ivayla Drumeva

Milla has such a good energy so directly you feel comfortable and relaxed. She was guiding us through som questions which helped me to experience new realisations and insights.


I was so calm by the end of the session. My mind chatter was gone and I felt fine with everything in my life, when I had entered the session with many worries. I highly recommend Milla and her office is so cozy!

Catrine T

Upplever att kurshållaren har djup kunskap inom sitt ämne. Skön plats, värme och autenticitet. Känns bra och jag vill lära mig mer.


Milla is a fantastic person. She touches your soul. She is a lovely, mature and patient soul therapist. She really listens fully to you and you feel her good heart all the way to yours!

John Joseph Stone

If you dont know Milla your life is not as good as it could be!

International Executive Recruiter

Milla seems to have a direct link to both your higher self and your subconscious. I had some of the most profound revelations in my life during our sessions that never came up over my 8 years of doing other therapies.

Pauline Moyer

Thank You very much Milla for everything you have shown me. You have opened me up to more than I would have done solely on my own. My relationship with my partner has deepened as my love for myself has. You have helped me realize I can accomplish anything. Thank you from the depths of my soul!

Chikita Jha

I would really recommend Soul Therapy sessions for women who would really like to experience an inner recognition/ transformation and would like to get healed from past experiences and come out as a stronger loving person to oneself. With the guidance and support from Milla it is really possible. She is one of fantastic guide who really knows w...

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Tack så mycket för förra helgens Soul Therapy seminarium! 🙂 Det var första gången jag gått på någonting liknande och efter helgen var jag helt överväldigad av alla insikter, lärdomar och intryck. Dessa två dagar gav mig väldigt mycket. Efter frågor och övningar du gav känner jag ökad kontakt med en annan dimension och en större förståelse för m...

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Fia Sofia

I would love to recommend Milla Andersson and Soul Therapy workshops! It was life-changing experience for me.


Tack Milla för en underbar helg🐬. En tuff och intensiv helg där sidor hos mig själv fått vändas ut och in. Ett avstamp mot nya stjärnor💥💫. Fick omedelbart möta mina skapade livsmönster 😤. Nu jobbar jag med min nya lyhördhet inåt som ger mig möjlighet att älska mig själv hel ❤. Tack för att jag fick dela med mig av livet och fick den äran att...

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Sofia Rego

While working a 9 to 5 job, I hit a wall of deep awareness (what people call burn out / depression). I needed to redirect my path to follow a new mission but I didn't know what that was and I was also in fear. I went to a Soul Therapy Introduction session to meet Milla Andersson. . I was able to tap into what makes my soul happy and smile fro...

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Andreas Breschi

Denna fantastiska kvinna kommer att göra allt gott i din värld som person!!!!

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