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Swedish4Kids Summer Camp

4 dagar
Sommaren 2021
2 600 SEK


Swedish4Kids Summer Camps

  • Monday-Thursday, 9 am-16 pm
  • Daycamp in Stockolm for kids 9-12
  • Traditional learning methods combined with activities and field trips
  • Introduces and develops the kids Swedish in a fun way! 

Swedish4Kids is for those who want to take the opportunity to strengthen their child’s knowledge of the Swedish language during the summer holidays. 

Our goal is to develop your child’s Swedish in a fun and inspiring way. Therefore, our summer camp includes playing, singing, and excursions with instructors who have Swedish as their mother-tongue. We introduce children to the Swedish language, strengthen their self-esteem in the language, and help develop their communication in the Swedish language.


During our camp, we focus on making learning fun and motivating children to have the courage to talk and play in Swedish. We believe that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it and have fun in the meantime.

We have been working with the language for children for more than 10 years and during this time we have developed experience and materials where we make children and their world the focus while inspiring them to develop their language skills.

We start the day at “Base Camp” where we do exercises with words and grammar that are linked to the day’s theme. The exercises are adapted to different age groups. After lunch, we have an excursion to a place/activity that is linked to our theme. We end the day at 16:00 when all children can be collected from “Base Camp.”

Age groups

For children between 6-8 years, our classes focus on exploring the Swedish language through educational games, singing, music, books, drama, projects, and handouts. For children in this age range, we also begin to introduce phonics, reading, and writing.

For older children (9-12 years), we have a stronger focus on grammar, reading, and writing exercises. We work with textbooks, exercises, and introduce current articles, blogs etc.

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Hur påverkar COVID-19 denna kurs?

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Kids in ages 9-12.

Two levels:

  • Beginners: (no previous knowledge needed) 
  • Advanced (for bilingual kids or for those with good previous knowledge)

Two age groups: 

  • 6-8 and 9-12



  • One week (4 days) = 2 600 SEK
  • Two weeks (8 days) = 4 950 SEK

Sibling discount: 250 SEK per child


  • 08:00-09:00 and 16:00-17:00
  • 350 SEK per child

All field trips, as well as two larger snacks (morning and afternoon), are included. Lunch is not included, but a lighter alternative is more than enough. 


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Snittbetyg: 4,5

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Mum to a happy camper
The camp was wonderful and my son both enjoyed his time there and became more familiar with Swedish. My only "complaint" was the length of time - we would have liked to have had more weeks.
Our son enjoyed his time at camp, both the field trips and the activities at the center.


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