The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program

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Sep 24th 2022 - June 2023
The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program


Participate in the Triyana Meditation Instructor Certifiction Program 

The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program is a 400-hour, five-level meditation instructor training conducted by Sky Dancer World Inc. It’s a comprehensive study program of the complete Buddhist Meditation path divided into a foundational part of two levels and a completion part of three levels. The program includes six months and one week of teaching that stretches generously over nine months. This format gives you some space to absorb what you have learned.

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T.M.I.C.P is designed for sincere dharma practitioners, yoga teachers, life coaches, and therapists who can apply these practices to their professional work and get better results for themselves, their students, and clients. You can choose to do the whole program in its completeness or divide the levels and do them one at a time. Let us know your intention during your application process.


The White Level -Lays the ground for the foundational training and takes you through the traditional practices of inner stillness and insights.

The Red Level - Builds upon the white level with an added hands-on heart-centered approach to take you deeper into your foundational training with loving kindness and radical acceptance.

The Blue Level - On this level you are introduced to book studies and will engage in sacred view, in both formal and post-meditation, while building your practice and starting to embody the path. Purification practices and mantra transmissions are included.

The Green Level - Intensifies what was learned in the blue level with emphasise on deep relaxation practises, including how to enhance your sleep and dream quality to take you further into experiencing Yoga of the mind.

The Yellow Level - During this golden level you will refine your formal practice routines and your teaching skills with ‘real life’ practice. You will get an understanding for professional essentials, ethical teacher student relationship conduct and how to incorporate Triyana Meditation in your services.

Diplomering & Certifiering

Upon successfully completing your level, you will receive a certification diploma. 

Kursens Upplägg


The White Level: September 24th - October 23:rd 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 24th - 25th Sept. 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 29th - 30th Oct

The Red Level: November 4th - December 11th

IRL teaching at Kendra, 5th - 6th Nov 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 10th - 11th Dec


The Blue Level January 27th Jan - March 5th

IRL teaching at Kendra, 28th - 29th Jan 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 4th - 5th March

The Green Level March 17th - April 23:rd

IRL teaching at Kendra, 18th - 19th March 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 29th - 30th April

The Yellow Level: May 6th May - June 11th

IRL teaching at Kendra, 6th - 7th May 

IRL teaching at Kendra, 10th - 11th June


Lama Chimey -

Lama is a Swedish-American Buddhist Minister, Dharma & Meditation Teacher from the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition who was ordained as a Buddhist nun for twelve years.

She is a long- term practitioner of all the three Yanas of Buddhism, a lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu lineage and a Delog Lama. (Someone who have died and returned from death.)

She was trained by several Himalayan Masters before returning to lay life in the west. 2020 she started the Dharma Community Sky Dancer World as an online forum during the pandemic to host dharma activities, such as Triyana Meditation, realizing that the world needed an immediate access to a well proven path of peace, wisdom and compassion more than ever.



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