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Swedish language course: One-on-one tutoring

Swedish for Professionals
Plats: Göteborg, Linköping, Lund, Malmö, Norrköping, Stockholm - Visa alla expander
Längd: 12, 16 eller 24 tillfällen



Språkkurs i svenska med språkcoach - Finns på flera orter och distans

One-on-one tutoring with Swedish for Professionals gives you a customized learning experience, with course modules based on your needs and one of our engaging language coaches will be 100% focused on your learning development.

We have course material for business Swedish as well as everyday Swedish. You can choose to either have lessons in-person at your workplace (if possible), in a café or other location near your home, in our Stockholm office (depending on availability) or over Skype. You get access to one of our engaging language coaches, an exercise book and our digital tools that enable continuous learning outside the classroom.

Engaging Language Coaches

Our language coaches are engaging and highly appreciated by the course participants, due to their pedagogical abilities and drive that motivate the adult learner. They always get high ratings in our course participants’ evaluations.

Digital Tools & Creative Exercises

During the course, you will get access to our own digital learning material. Our digital tools are making it possible for you to learn Swedish in your own time, thereby extending the learning experience outside the walls of the classroom. The learning process is tailored to be both challenging, engaging, rewarding and fun!

All the course material is included in the price, as well as our online assessment test and full access to our digital tools during the course!

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We have language coaches in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Uppsala, Umeå, Linköping, Norrköping + Distance courses

Let us know if you live anywhere else, and we will do our best to accommodate you!  


Private customers


When ordering your course, you decide the weekday and time for your sessions. Since we understand that you might have a busy schedule, we offer different flexibility packages, that gives you the option to reschedule up to 25% of the sessions. You can also order the course as a distance course over Skype.)

Flex = Rescheduling of up to 25% of the sessions one week in advance

Flex Plus = Rescheduling of up to 25% of the sessions three days in advance

Premium = Rescheduling of up to 25% of the sessions 24 hours in advance

Contact us for an offer! 

Start date and length

From when you have confirmed your order with us, we match you with a language coach and usually get the course started within 2-3 weeks.

60-minute sessions are held once or twice a week, depending on your preference.

12 sessions = 6 or 12 weeks

16 sessions = 8 or 16 weeks

24 sessions = 12 or 24 weeks


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Swedish for Professionals offers innovative Swedish courses and culture workshops for companies and private customers. Our courses are customized, interactive and flexible in setups and scheduling. Our 'Blended learning' approach entails an interactive learning experience, through a combination of online...

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Swedish for Professionals

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