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Swedish hunting exam in English - Jägarskolan på engelska

Studiefrämjandet Västra Götaland Sydväst
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Ta din jägarexamen! - Kursen är på Engelska

Studiefrämjandet is proud to be the first educator providing a course towards a Swedish hunting exam, "jägarexamen", held completely in English.

Upon completing this course and successfully passing the hunting exam theoretical test and tests in practical shooting and weapons handling you will be a fully-fledged member of the Swedish hunting community. This course gives you more than just a hunting exam; you will gain a greater understanding of the Swedish nature, society and the great, unique hunting tradition of the country.

The course is held in collaboration with the Swedish hunting federation, "Svenska Jägareförbundet", and follows their material and practice towards obtaining the hunting exam. The material is in Swedish with an English translation, this part of the course covers ethics, laws, rules and regulations, biology, firearms and what it means to be a hunter. At the end of the course there is a multi-choice test which will be in English or Swedish depending on your preference.

Alongside the theoretical part of the course you will go through a series of practical exercises with the aim of helping you better understand what it is to be a hunter and to pass your shooting and weapon safety tests. We will visit two renowned shooting schools where you will have an introduction to safety, gun types and shooting. Unique for this course, you will have the opportunity to come along as a guest on a hunt where you will be guided by experienced hunters. You are encouraged to practice your shooting skills at your local shooting range during the course, and your teacher will help you with where to go and what to practice. To finish this part of the course there is a test in safe weapons handling and risk awareness as well as shooting tests.

The course is spread over roughly 50 hours (5x45 minutes) of teacher lead studies of the books, once a week for ten weeks and about 15 hours of practical weapons handling, shooting and hunting excursions. These practical exercises and excursions will be placed on weekends or week nights.

The price of the course including the practical exercises above is 3995 kr, the price of the books and films from the hunting federation are 750 kr. Prices for the theoretical and practical tests aren’t included. Starting date is 29/01, 18.30-21.30. Course days will be Thursdays and practical exercises on weekends.


3 995 kr


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Studiefrämjandet Västra Götaland Sydväst

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