Acting Program

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1 år
12 000 EUR Momsfri
acting program


Acting Program

The Acting Program is a one year long international program held in English. During the program, you will perform on stage as well as in front of the camera. Our method is based on working together with other students at the school on film projects. You will learn how to present yourself in casting, how to work with other disciplines for stage and film, and you will get basic knowledge on how a theatre and a filmset works.

The Acting Program is an intensive two semester course. During two semesters you will study:

  • How to analyze text.
  • How to prepare as an actor.
  • How to build a character for theatre, film and vocal acting.
  • How to work with physical acting.
  • How to use your voice.
  • How to work with a director for theatre and film.
  • How to interact with other disciplines, costume and set designers, make-up artists, directors, sound, light and other areas of production.
  • How to collaborate.
  • How to find your own personal vision as an artist.

The school year is divided in autumn- and spring terms, with a Christmas break for about 2 weeks, and summer holiday of about 2 months (June-August). Classes are usually scheduled Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, with a few exceptions as certain elements, such as film shootings, can take place on evenings and weekends.

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To apply and become admitted to the Acting Program, you need to have a highschool certificate/diploma, or such. If you don’t have this, depending on your other experiences, we can make an exception. Please write to us and let us know your situation. You need to speak, read and write English.


A study certificate with a description of completed course elements is given to a student who has completed the education up to and including the last semester.


€ 12000 /year

The Acting Program is not covered by CSN – Swedish Board of Student Finance.


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