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Hatha Yoga

Rita's Flow
Plats: Stockholm
Längd: Varje tisdag och torsdag
Pris: 1 440 SEK
Arrangör: Rita's Flow plus
Språk: Engelska


Yogakurs i Hatha - Lär dig slappna av på rätt sätt

Course in Hatha Yoga

Yoga help to improve balance, elasticity and resistance. It tons all the muscles, works the articulations and activates the internal organs keeping a permanent interaction between body and mind. It helps to connect breathing and movement. It calms down our mind and activates our body.

Bring your own yoga-mat and join us!


For everyone and all levels.


1440 kr/ 8 lessons

Drop in: 250 kr*

* For a drop-in you must register at least with two days in advance. Since we need a minimum number of students, after your registration we will send you an email in order to confirm if the class is taking place on the date you are registering for. 


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Rita's Flow

Rita's Flow

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