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American jazz guitar

Helene Du Rietz Sångakademi
Distans, Stockholm
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Info om American jazz guitar

Study guitar with Andy Fite! Lär dig spela gitarr med Andy Fite!

Andy Fite, gitarrlektionerJazz guitarist Andy Fite can help you learn the guitar, from the first basics right up to the highest levels of mastery.

Andy has been playing the guitar for nearly 50 years now, has over 50 albums on spotify and the other streaming sites and has been teaching guitar since 1978.

Every student is unique, and has different wants and needs, and Andy will take your own music and your own development as his inspiration in working with you.

Andy talar och kan naturligtvis undervisa även på svenska!

Among other things, Andy can help you: 
• get physically comfortable playing.
• find your own personal sound.
• learn to play scales, melodies, arpeggios and melodic patterns.
• play and understand chords all the way up the neck.
• learn the great songs of the jazz repertoire.
• get to know some great music to be inspired by.
• learn to improvise.
• open up your creativity.
• relax and play intuitively, without thinking so much
• master the instrument so completely that anything you hear just flows right through your fingers.
• have more fun with music.

Tid och plats

Enligt överenskommelse i Andy´s studio i St. Eriksplan.


Sagt om Andy:

"How do you explain Andy Fite?...The first time I heard Andy Fite my head spun
around on my shoulders six times. ... Somewhere along the line he’s learned how to
divide his mind perfectly and play such divergent counterpoint with himself that if you
weren’t looking directly at him you’d think there were two people! His lines are going
one direction while his chords go another. Eddie Lang would have loved it.... And
Andy sings & scats as well. And it’s all musical, totally. Perfectly wonderful."
Mark Weber, September, 2009

Helene Du Rietz Sångakademi

Helene Du Rietz Sångakademi

Helene Du Rietz  Sångakademi är en privat sångakademi som erbjuder privata sånglektioner, gitarrlektioner, sångkurser och workshops för grupper och körer med två olika lärare: Helene Du Rietz och Andy Fite! Undervisningen hålles i Stockholm av Helene och av Andy Fite enligt överenskommelse. Helene...

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Helene Du Rietz Sångakademi



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Jag mötte Andy för nästan 20 år sedan på en workshop med en gospelkör jag var med i på den tiden. Det var en omvälvande upplevelse, han fick hela gruppen att sjunga vad som helst, fantastiska improviserade toner och melodier tilsammans i en fri tillåtande atmosfär. Senare i livet tog jag även några privata sånglektioner och hela hans "filosofi"...
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