Introduction to working with ink and to Chinese Calligraphy (Taught in English)

Gerlesborgsskolan, i Gerlesborg
3 dagar
5 215 - 7 850 SEK
3 dagar
5 215 - 7 850 SEK
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In this workshop, both the basics of traditional calligraphy and the free use of specific brush techniques and materials are taught. 

Our tools are ink, brush, and rice paper.

By dealing with chinese characters from different epochs and writing methods, the workshop offers the opportunity to experiment and develop your own free approach to painting individually with ink. All elements of the workshop will be introduced with practical demonstrations.

You will learn how to use the brush in different ways and experience the artistic and graphic potential of chinese ink on different kinds of paper. 

At the same time, there will be an introduction to Chinese calligraphy and art history. 

All participants receive individual advice and support, and general topics are discussed in the group.

The workshop is open to beginners and more experienced artists.

A set with materials is included.

Andreas Schmid is an artist based in Berlin and an acknowledged lecturer for theory and practice of chinese calligraphy and art.

The course comprises 15 teaching hours and you have access to the premises around the clock.


Beginners and advanced.


Price option 1 –with food &accommodation

7 850 kr

Price option 2 – with food (without accommodation)

5 215 kr


Check-in and check-out if you live at the school

  • Sunday 30.7.2023 kl 15–17
  • Wednesday 2.8.2023 kl 9–10

Start package

A start package with working material for the course is included.

Course days

  • Monday 31.7.2023 kl 9–16 
  • Tuesday 1.8.2023 kl 9–16 
  • Wednesday 2.8.2023 kl 9–12 


Morning and afternoon fika, lunch and dinner are included in both price options. If you live at the school – Price option 1 – breakfast is also included.

  • Breakfast kl 8–9
  • Morning fika kl 10
  • Lunch kl 12–13
  • Afternoon fika kl 15
  • Dinner kl 18