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Swedish Courses at Folkuniversitetet, Umeå

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Swedish Courses

Swedish in Umeå

Do you want to study Swedish as a foreign or second language? We offer evening classes from beginners level to more advanced courses.Test your skills by taking our language test or The Language Guide. We also offer Swedex Exams in B2 and Svenska C-1 test.

Our courses are divided into six different levels in accordance with the scale given in the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). The name of the levels, e.g. A1, indicates the goal of the course, i.e. the level of your knowledge after having taken the course. It is not an indication of your previous knowledge.

Our teachers are highly qualified  and have experience of working with foreign students from different backgrounds. We have designed our courses for adults who place high demands on professionalism and quality.

Please note that you buy the books before the course starts and bring them to the first lesson. The course book we will be using is Rivstart A1+A2 Textbok, 2:a uppl inkl ljudfiler, ISBN: 978-91-27-43420-2. If you want to buy the exercise book, which we recommend, it is Rivstart A1+A2 Övningsbok, 2:a uppl. ISBN: 978-91-27-43421-9.

The courses have a preliminary date and will start if we have enough participants. We know this about a week prior to the preliminary starting date.


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Folkuniversitetet Västerbotten

Folkuniversitetet Västerbotten

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Studieförbundet Folkuniversitetet bedriver folkbildning och vuxenutbildning i hela Sverige. Vår idé är att genom kunskap och skapande ge människor förutsättningar för ett rikare liv. Kunskap förändrar. Kunskap förändrar Vi anser att kunskap har ett värde i sig, för den enskilde och...

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