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A taste of Swedish, a glimpse of Gothenburg (for beginners)

Folkuniversitetet i Göteborg
Distans, Distans / Online
4 dagar
850 SEK
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Distans / Online
2021-06-21 17:00  
850 SEK
2021-07-19 17:00  
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Folkuniversitetet in Göteborg offers this short introduction online on Zoom for beginners and will give you a first taste of the Swedish language and you will get a little glimpse of the city at the same time.  

Aims of the course

To learn phrases that you can use when you visit Sweden. After the course, you will have an insight into the Swedish language as well as the history and culture and fabulous scenery of the country's second city.

If you come to Gothenburg you will have several useful phrases for when you visit cafes, shops and other places in Gothenburg. We hope that you will get a feeling of really being in the city, surrounded by the city’s energy, rocky coastline, the sound of the sea and beautiful greenery.

Course length

The course is four days long and takes place via Zoom. The lessons are in the evenings Monday to Thursday from 17:00 to 18:30 Swedish time.

The course has four themes about Gothenburg:

  • The Swedish tradition of ”fika”: it is never long until the next cup of coffee. The city’s cafes with our baked goods like cinnamon buns, chocolate balls and “dammsugare”.
  • Gothenburg’s sights: a selection of historical places, streets, squares, museums and parks – visit on foot, by bike or tram.
  • Shopping in Gothenburg: from Swedish design, antiques and vintage to chocolate, liquorice, and pick and mix sweets from floor to ceiling.
  • Gothenburg’s islands: summer, sun, sea on the West Coast.

During each theme you will learn new useful phrases to help you find your favourite place in Gothenburg. 

The teacher is both a Swedish teacher and a certified city guide! 

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Folkuniversitetet i Göteborg

Allt började med en kurs. Folkuniversitetet är ett oberoende studieförbund som erbjuder folkbildning och vuxenutbildning i hela Sverige. Vi står för pedagogisk förnyelse, ett nära samarbete med universiteten och är fristående från politiska, religiösa och fackliga intressen. Hos oss väljer...

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Folkuniversitetet i Göteborg

Box 2542, Norra Allégatan 6
403 17 Göteborg

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