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Mama & Baby Pilates Kurs (ENG)

Dansskolan Yogansa
Kungsholmen, Stockholm
13 tillfällen
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Course in Mama & Baby Pilates

Looking after a baby is a whole-body challenge, especially when they’re growing up to be toddlers! 

Here, Body Control Pilates can prepare you in being able to do that without hurting yourself.

Childbirth is a powerful experience, challenging both, your body and the spirit. Mama & Baby Pilates is a way to get back to exercising gently after birth. 

The class will be structured to simultaneously recover postnatal bodies through challenging your strength-building, correct alignment and flexibility.

Focus is on:

  • re-training and learning how to properly activate the pelvic floor which might be weakened by the birth
  • reducing abdominal separation through working those deep abdominals that are most often neglected in exercising
  • strengthening and activating the core muscles (muscles supporting your spine and pelvis) so that through correct alignment all everyday tasks like lifting would be much easier to achieve
  • aid with weight loss in a sensitive and healthy manner

The class is held in English!


Level: Everyone


Anna Kirs


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