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Body Control Pilates® Course (ENG)

Dansskolan Yogansa
Kungsholmen, Stockholm
13 tillfällen
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Pilates i Stockholm

Body Control Pilates is an exercising methodology suitable for everyone as it is easily modifiable to the client’s needs. 

We start with focusing on individual joints and movements of the spine to ensure that you have full range of motion and control of each body part. Gradually, developing into more complex exercises where movements are combined to test coordination and look for flowing sequences as you get more experience and a deeper body awareness.

Body Control has been widely used as a form of rehabilitation and healthy movement as well as overall exercise with the focus on building strength and stamina, as a preparation to take on general exercising.

The conscious use of breath will help you release tension but also to engage your musculature more effectively so you would have better results form your workout!

Level: Everyone

Teacher: Anna Kirs


1 950 kr


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Dansskolan Yogansa

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