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Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer Sweden Bushcraftkurs

All in Nature SWEDEN
Göteborg, Tjörn
5 dagar
2020-08-26 09:00
Sista anmälan: 2020-08-23
5 780 - 8 075 SEK


Fraser Torbjörn Fiskenät

Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course is a 5 day bushcraft course in the west coast of Sweden

Modern and Primitive coastal bushcraft skills give you the complete coastal hunter gatherers skill set, learn to live off the seashore where you can thrive rather than just survive.

This unique coastal bushcraft course is a must for all coastal foragers and hunters. A full packed week of practical well practiced skills and proven results!

Forage, fish and hunt along the seashore, living of what you catch and forage using many methods and skills, this uniques course is a total immersion in the complete coastal hunter gatherer skill set

The skills you experience on our advanced bushcraft skills course

This unique coastal bushcraft survival course, will give you a chance to practically master the following skills and sea you thrive, rather than just survive!

  • Coastal fishing with and without fishing rods,  many techniques are covered with kit we will provide you with, some you make may be taken home with you after the course to build on your coastal kit.
  • Making net starting with fishing line and beach rubbish, then professional net construction including gill nets for round fish and tangle nets for flat fish.
  • Long line construction and use, both modern and primitive skills are covered with aquiring local available baits and how to use them.
  • Setting longlines, nets and traps, learning the where, when and how.
  • Finding local available baits and how to best put it on the hooks is a detail that like others greatly increases you chances of a catch.
  • Fish and shellfish traps (that work) made from beach rubbish and natural materials and resources. Make your own willow shellfish and fish trap.
  • Identification of seaweeds, how and when to harvest them along with cooking and drying.
  • Identification of fish and shellfish along with coastal wild life.
  • Identification of coastal plants.
  • Foraging for coastal and inland plants, then how best to eat, cook and preserve them.
  • Cooking and preserving on an open fire with and without modest utensils.
  • How best to prepare and cook the wide range of wild food with basic equipment to produce resturant quality food for your self and the group.
  • Salting, cold and hot smoking meat and seafood.
  • Coastal safety and navigation, understanding tides, winds and ocean currents affects.
  • First aid and medicine from wild resources

What do you need for the course?

Skill level required – you should be confident and experienced to wild camp with limited resources for 5 days and able to perform basic tasks confidently in all weather conditions, with adequate kit suitable for the season.

  • Catering and accommodation: you are required to provide your own breakfasts and lunches using your own cooking system –evening meals are provided and incorporate a mix of what you may have foraged, caught or prepared. Fresh water will be available for drinks. The sea we use for washing up. Tents are recommended and you can park fairly close to your pitch, free wild camping is in our private coastal meadow. Toilettes we can not quarantee but we arrange that issue at scen.
  • Course must be payed in advance invoice will be sent to you
  • Spaces  limited to 12.
  • Comfort zone rating:
  • Accommodation – your own tent or suitable sleeping system.
  • Washing facilities – your own system and the sea.
  • Cooking facilities – Evening meal provided and your own self fuelled system for breakfast and lunch.
  • Water – on site ground sourced unfiltered spring water or similar.
  • Food provided – outdoor prepared, wild and basic pantry stores.
  • Parking facilities – on site feild parking.
  • Person fitness – Walk a shorter distance with your backpack and foraging during the days

Date and time

2019  11 september 9:00 hrs –  15 september 14:00 hrs

Working course hours – vary and change according to weather and tides.

Location: The swedish west coast (max 1-2 hrs from GOT airport and city of Gothenburg, map will be sent to participants via mail later

Price: 5780SEK (£513) per person  (if booked together with Complete Coastal Survivor Sweden tot price 7930SEK (£704)

Children (under 13’s)  free with booking adult. Children between 13-16 50% off.

An administrative fee is payable upon registration of 250 kr. In case of reimbursement, the rest of the sum is paid back to 14 days before the start of the course, after which half of the course fee is refunded

Age: 16 years or older without parent or responsible adult.

Insurance: You are responsible for accident insurance, participatie at your own risk!

Food: Report allergy, or lactose-free wishes (etc.)

Payment: Via Invoice sent to you by mail

Number of participants: max 12

Mor info: Mailed to course participants approximately four weeks before the course


Bushcraftint och överlevnadsintresserade personer. Du som vill kunna leva vid kusten med enkla medel utan att behöva svälta. Preppers kan också ha stor nytta av dessa kunskaper.


Kursintyg signerat ingår i kursen.

Går man denna kursen och Complete Coastal Survivor då uppnår man "Coast Master" och förtjänar då ett intyg och ett märke.



Torbjörn Selin har 20 års erfarenhet som överlevnadsinstruktör. Och Fraser Christian från England försörjer sig på att utbilda människor i att överleva i kustmiljö, läs mer på våra hemsidor allinnature .se och coastalsurvival .com

Torbjörn Selin Överlevnadsinstruktör Survivalinstrukctor


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